PhotoVoice Starts, Reception Nov. 19

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For the second year, Buffalo County Community Partners is working with Buffalo County Juvenile Services to engage at-risk youth with the PhotoVoice program. Based on the United Way of Tuscon’s healthy eating PhotoVoice model, the program aims to help youth develop a means of constructive self-expression through photography.

A photo from one of this year’s PhotoVoice participants.

A photo from one of this year’s PhotoVoice participants.

The group has already met for two of their seven instructional sessions, and participants have been given their cameras. They are learning about the expressive power of photography and exchanging ideas about issues directly affecting them that could inspire photographic subject matter. Guest speakers lead the group in discussions on identity, family life, school and the learning environment, and community strengths and problem areas. Participants are then assigned to take pictures that reflect and express their personal views on those themes. At the end of the program, each student will be asked to select two of their best works for framing and exhibition.

The PhotoVoice exhibition reception will be held November 19 at 5:30 p.m. at the University of Nebraska Kearney Alumni House. The event will be open to the public so community members can see the students’ work, learn about the sources of their inspiration, and discuss the issues that are important in the lives of the participants.

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