Be Safe, Be Smart Task Force Targets After-Cruise Nite Activities

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Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch discusses after-Cruise Nite activities with local landlords, property owners, and citizens.

Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch discusses after-Cruise Nite activities with local landlords, property owners, and citizens.

Everyone has a story about the after-Cruise Nite activities, and while they’re usually interesting, they are rarely positive. Positive Pressure, UNK, Century 21, and the Kearney Police Department are working to change that through the ‘Be Safe, Be Smart’ task force, and so far we’ve already heard of results.

Mary Jo Chatelain, who owns property on 25th Street, said, “Last year, crowds saw the “Be Safe, Be Smart” task force message on signs up and down the affected streets, reinforcing the idea that everyone’s safety is the prime concern behind the effort.

“I believe strongly that the work of Community partners made the after-Cruise Night gatherings safer last year and that effect will snowball with the Partnerships involvement each year.
Community Partners has the unique ability to draw together the players needed to address a large challenge like the crowds drawn by the post-Cruise Night gatherings. Landlords, law enforcement, city government – representatives from each group were able to communicate directly, that wouldn’t have happened without Community Partners.”

The task force is building upon the work that was done last year. They’re preparing yard signs, door hangers, and t-shirts; conducting listening sessions with community members to generate new and innovative solutions; and sharing tips on the Positive Pressure web page and in the local papers.

In addition, they’re airing radio and TV ads that discuss a new city ordinance in Kearney. While it was previously unlawful to consume alcohol on public property, it is now also unlawful to possess an open container of alcohol on city right-of-way or public property, including sidewalks. This is another new tool that will help law enforcement deal with after-Cruise Nite activities.

Wondering what some of the group’s tips are for having a safe Cruise Nite? Don’t assume someone else will call the police. If you see something, say something. If you plan to drink alcohol, do so responsibly and be sure to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated. Parents, if your child is underage, adult supervision is suggested. Talk to your young adults about their plans and remind them to Be Safe, Be Smart.

For a complete list of tips for having a safe Cruise Nite, visit

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