2014 Annual Campaign Goal Set at $125,000

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We are currently at $53,450 of our $125,000 goal.

We are currently at $53,450 of our $125,000 goal.

Our 2014 Annual Fund Campaign goal has been set at $125,000. Every donation received in this campaign will go towards building a healthier Buffalo County and will be used to serve Buffalo County residents in fulfillment of the Buffalo County 2020 Vision.
Community support and the partnerships we have maintained and grown have made our organization eligible for significant amounts of grant funding. Your donations have enabled us to seek new and bigger grants to grow our work in new ways. Each donation made to Community Partners is currently matched with $6 in grant funding, and that number continues to grow.
In addition, research has shown that a $10 donation towards prevention efforts like the work we do results in a five-year net return of $50.60. Because of these factors, local donors are able to leverage significant change in our community.
2014-05-29 how funding is designated

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