UNMC Mobile Nurse Managed Clinic Coming to Kearney

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The Community Coalition to Improve Alzheimer’s/Dementia Health is excited to announce that their work to get a mobile clinic to Kearney has paid off.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing Mobile Nurse Managed Clinic will begin travelling to Kearney from UNMC Omaha every first Wednesday of the month. It will be in Kearney for the first time on March 6, 2013.

The one-of-a-kind mobile clinic serves any older adult, not just individuals with dementia, and provides a comprehensive geriatric assessment. The mobile clinic is equipped with a wheelchair lift, two exam rooms, laboratory equipment, and EKG machines. Referrals are accepted from anyone, not just physicians, and services are billed directly to Medicaid and/or Medicare.

Anyone interested in more information can contact the clinic coordinator at 402-559-6517.

MobileNurseManagedClinic rightside

The UNMC College of Nursing mobile clinic.

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