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Our mission is to prevent violence in Buffalo County through community involvement in consistent and safe early prevention. Build community accountability and understanding. Focus on building hope for our future emphasizing no more violence.

Our vision is to develop a unified strategy for violence prevention, our community-wide initiative will bring together organizations and individuals to work together to identify needs, research potential solutions, develop and implement evidence based programs and evaluate their impact.


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Learn how our work ties in with the Injury-Free Living strategic direction of the Buffalo County 2020 Vision.


The Buffalo County Community Partners developed a plan and received funding from Catholic Health Initiatives to organize a Violence Prevention Coalition in 2012. The coalition comprises a number of community stakeholders who are dedicated to the development of a unified strategy for violence prevention by building community understanding and accountability around the theme of no more violence.

In November of 2012, the Coalition sponsored an educational workshop on the Spectrum of Prevention. Over 60 participants attended, representing Buffalo County Community Partners, Good Samaritan Hospital, the Spousal Abuse Family Education (S.A.F.E.) Center, Buffalo County Schools, University of Nebraska Kearney, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Buffalo County Juvenile Services, the Kearney Friends Program, childcare providers, members of the local faith based community.

Monthly meetings were established with the purpose of bringing together the people and information needed to conduct a community-wide violence prevention needs assessment, determine priority areas for activities going forward and investigate model programs to address community needs.

Assessment tasks included the development and implementation of a key informant survey, and the review of a number of surveys providing measures of physical and mental health including: the Buffalo County Adult Behavior Risk Factor Survey, Buffalo County Risk and Protective Factor Survey, Buffalo County Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Buffalo County Juvenile Justice Comprehensive Plan, S.A.F.E. Center data, Buffalo County Health Profiles, Nebraska Adverse Childhood Experiences data, Buffalo County and Kearney Police Department High Crime time data, Buffalo County schools disciplinary action data. The Coalition then conducted a review of established violence prevention programs, the development of mission and vision statements for the Violence Prevention Coalition, the selection of priority goals, the development of strategies and the creation of a strategic plan.

Implementation of the plan will be carried out with additional funding from Catholic Health Initiatives Mission and Ministry Fund.


Good Behavior

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Champions Nomination Form

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Understanding Developmental Trauma

Heather Forbes Flyer

Cyber bullying Posters

In a 2014 survey of high school students in Buffalo County, over 15% report being cyberbullied within the past 12 months.  Nearly 30% of Buffalo County students agree that bullying is a problem in their school.

How can we all get on the same page to overcome this pervasive problem?  We need to provide a consistent definition, a consistent prevention message and a consistent strategy for dealing with cyberbullying across the county.

That’s why United Against Violence has teamed up with UNK Graduate Lecturer Carmelo Callueng to develop one-page informational fliers on cyberbullying designed to be distributed to teachers, parents and students on paper, in email blasts and through school websites and newsletters.

They provide a consistent message that:

  • Defines cyberbullying


Cyberbullying Flyers Draft Click Here to download Administrators Flyer Click Here to download the Students Flyer Click Here to downoad the Parents Flyer


PhotoVoicePhotoVoice is a program that works with middle and high school students, some of whom are referred by Buffalo County Juvenile Services, to help youth develop a creative and constructive response to their environment. Participants take photos that reflect issues that concern them and share those photos with local policy makers, city council members, school board members, and others. The program helps youth find their voice in the community and see that problems can be solved through positive dialogue.

Youth Mentoring – Students who work with adult mentors are 46% less likely to use illegal drugs, 52% less likely to skip school, and 33% less likely to resort to violence in an attempt to solve a problem. The coalition will work with the Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board to strengthen and expand existing mentoring programs by pairing high school students with middle schoolers to teach them behaviors that will enhance their social and academic success.

Second Step – The coalition will work with area schools and community organizations to facilitate the implementation of a social/emotional intelligence curriculum, Second Step, for K-8 students. This curriculum has been demonstrated to help reduce the incidence of youth violence in schools by teaching students to resolve differences and manage behavior without resorting to violence.

Trauma-Informed Care – The trauma-informed care approach recognizes that the root cause of inappropriate behavior is often past trauma. When trauma victims experience “triggers” that recall traumatic events, it sometimes leads them to engage in self-defeating and anti-social behaviors. By providing trauma-informed care training to those who work with children, we can help individuals recognize and defuse trauma-induced and potentially violent behavior.

Picturing Peace – A community project where we ask members of Buffalo County to send in pictures of what peace means to them in the community. To upload a photo or see the gallery of photos see bcchp.org/picturingpeace