What is PhotoVoice?

Through PhotoVoice, Buffalo County Community Partners helps area youth develop a means of creative self-expression and constructive communication through photography.

Participants learn about the expressive power of the photographs they take of family, school and community life. They exchange ideas inspired by their photographs with their peers, school board members, city council members and other artists.

Each student selects their best photographs for exhibition and adds captions to communicate their own thoughts and feelings about their photos.

By exchanging ideas through photography, participants learn about their world, about each other and about themselves. What do the PhotoVoice photos say to you?


Sign Up For A Session

To find out information on the next available class, email Josh Arias, [email protected] or call 308-865-2290.


These are photos from 2016-17 PhotoVoice classes. 



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This project was supported in whole or in part by the State of Nebraska and the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block grant.