Focusing on the Buffalo County 2020 Vision in 2014

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2014-01 Denise Coaster

“My illustration depicts the ideal day in central Nebraska . . . I picture myself on the park bench, open to others’ thoughts and ideas for change!” – Executive Director Denise Zwiener.

The Buffalo County Community Partners board of directors held its annual retreat in January and discussed key elements of change in healthy community efforts, recognized staff achievements, and made coalition plans for 2014. Board members defined the following areas as key elements necessary to creating positive community change:

  • Influencing Policy and Legislation
    • Example: city resolution for Responsible Beverage Server Training for retailers
  • Changing Organizational Practices
    • Example: building a patient-centered medical community
  • Fostering Coalitions and Networks
    • Example: new coalitions to address Alzheimer’s disease and build bridges out of poverty
  • Educating Providers
    • Example: Trauma Informed Care training for schools, workplaces, and healthcare providers
  • Promoting Community Education
    • Example, Parents Take A Stand resources on
  • Strengthening Individual Knowledge and Skills
    • Example: Nebraska Youth Academy for Democracy and PhotoVoice

Each board member reflected on contributions they made to Community Partners’ efforts in 2013 and shared how this organization has “unleashed the potential” for change. They also made a pledge for 2014 and illustrated their pledge to keep in their daily work space and remind them of the potential of partnerships and collaboration.

“My illustration depicts the ideal day in central Nebraska. It is calming and welcoming. I will embrace 2014 and lead an organization to Keep Calm and Welcome Opportunities for positive change. I picture myself on the park bench, open to others’ thoughts and ideas for change!” stated Executive Director Denise Zwiener.

We are looking forward to sharing more inspirational board commitments in the coming months!

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