Community Partners Reaches 65% of 2015 Campaign Goal

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Community Partners traveled around the county to visit with community members about its work in all the Buffalo County towns.

Community Partners traveled around the county to visit with community members about its work in all the Buffalo County towns.

Community Partners 2015 Annual Fund Campaign reaches 65% of their $155,000 campaign goal. Funds raised during this campaign will build upon successful community collaborations making an impact in building a healthier Buffalo County, however additional donations are need to reach their goal.
“Our families of donors are celebrating successes in this year’s campaign. Recently, volunteers created a unique ‘Be Safe, Be Smart’ campaign to bring ‘family’ back to 2015 Cruise Nite,” shared Denise Zwiener, executive director of Buffalo County Community Partners.
“Additionally, with 80% of students who live within ¼ mile of school asking to walk or bike to school, members of Safe Routes to Schools are working with parents, youth and schools to plan safe routes back to school. Funds raised during this campaign will provide needed support for future safe routes to school projects.”
Justine Bauer, a recent graduate of Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board, stated that the “Youth, Take A Stand” campaign allowed her the opportunity to make a difference in her community of Elm Creek and she learned the value of developing partnerships. The Youth Advisory Board has selected 12 new members and will begin building youth empowered projects as soon as October with Show Me The Money event, aimed at assisting high school students in building their civic leadership to secure college scholarships.
Economic Development Director Darren Robinson is a founding member of the America’s Best Communities: Team Kearney and shares his views of Community Partners efforts this year, “thanks to the leadership and staff at Buffalo County Community Partners, Kearney has already won. Regardless of the outcome of the America’s Best Communities contest, this community has already benefited thanks to Community Partners bringing together community leaders and agencies to discuss the important issues facing our community. Community Partners is a shining example of how a community can work together to accomplish great things.”
“Build your story of a healthy community by joining our family in supporting the 2015 Annual Fund Campaign,” stated Bryan and Candy Kuntz, 2015 Annual Fund Campaign Chair Family.
Community Partners invites the community to join in Building a Healthier Buffalo County, by making a donation to the 2015 Annual Fund Campaign. For every dollar donated to Community Partners, an additional $6.00 is raised in match funding through state and federal grants.
If you would like to make a donation to Community Partners, please visit or mail a check to PO Box 1466, Kearney, NE, 68848.

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