Community Partners’ New Campaign Committee

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Community Partners is proud to announce their 2012 Annual Fund Campaign Committee, joining Campaign Co-Chairs Dick Beechner and Greg Shea. These volunteers are instrumental in kick-starting the 2012 campaign.

Scott Anderson, Greg Barney, Beth Baxter, Katie Bean, Stan Clouse, Yvonne Deyle, Clint Edwards, Nikki Gausman, Cortney Geisler, Dave Glover, Kathy Gosch, Marilyn Hadley, Bob Huddleston, Teresa Ibach, Deb Iwan, Josh Jelden, Joel Johnson, Doug Kramer, Cory Kruse, Michelle Lindner, Leslie Martin, Nikki Masek, Jerry & Carolyn Menke, Matthew Mims, Jana Peterson, Michelle Reed, Sue Reiber, Carol Renner, April Roggasch, Jackie Rosenlof, Greg Sandman, Bob Smoot, Julie Speirs, Todd & Lois Thalken, Ismael Torres, Steve Wickham, Heidi Wietjes, Marsha Wilkerson and Crystal Winfield.
Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board Members
Jack Anderson, Olivia Hyde, Maddison Hyde, Molly Klinginsmith, Jenna Martin, David Mueller and Bryan Wietjes

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