Active Living & Healthy Eating

Our Vision: Create awareness, advocacy and excitement about activity and the importance of designing our community for active and healthy lifestyles. Create a community where living through active and healthy choices is a priority.

Click here to view a draft of our 2013 Data Report.

“Our partnership with Community Partners has allowed us to engage community members, employ local knowledge in the understanding of health problems within the region, and design interventions to promote health and well-being among our residents. Building community coalitions is critical and Community Partners has been a cornerstone for multiple health promotion entities.” -Kate Heelan, Associate Professor/Director of Human Performance Laboratory, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Community Indicators: 

  1. Decrease the BMI (Body Mass Index) reported by adults and youth
  2. Increase physical activity in adults and youth
  3. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in adults and youth

Check out the image below for a snapshot of Activate Buffalo County, a coalition actively seeking to promote this Strategic Direction. And check out their web site for more information!

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