Eliminate Health Disparities

Our Vision: 100% access to primary health care services for all with zero racial and ethnic disparity. Differences between people, such as culture, class, educational attainment, employment status and ability to pay, will no longer be associated with differential health outcomes.

Click here to view the draft of our 2013 Data Report.


“Buffalo County Community Partners (BCCP) provides the road map for building a healthier community, and the checkpoints along the way to know we are reaching our destination. Good Samaritan Hospital is grateful for this partnership and proud to support BCCP, because working together we are a better community.” -Mike Schnieders, President and CEO, Good Samaritan Hospital

Community Indicators:

  1. Increase the number of adults with health insurance
  2. Increase the number of adults reporting healthy days
  3. Decrease the number of minority residents that report barriers to health care

Below is a snapshot of  how the Community Health Access Team (CHAT) is striving to eliminate health disparities, and check out their page for more information!

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